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  As a premier performance improvement company, Scher Group is in the forefront in assisting organizations to recognize knowledge, performance, and emotional maturity gaps. By combining proven consulting methods, e-learning technology, instructional design, and project management, Scher Group has earned a reputation as a results-driven, full service performance solutions company helping today's businesses reach their fullest potential. Scher Group's employee development products are available to government clients on Schedule 69 OR 70 via the GSA. Contract GS-02F-0050M on SIN 27-500.
  Memberships, Awards, Honors
American Staffing Association (Since 2002)
Brandon Hall E-Learning Finalist (2000)
National Association of Professional Employment Organizations (Since 2002)
Weatherhead 100 (2000)
Microsoft Certified Solution Provider (Since 1999)
Previous Member of American Society for Training and Development (1999-2001)
Previous Member of the Society for Human Resource Management (2000-2001)
Skill Sets
  Scher Group's focus is directed at providing organizations with turnkey systems and programs that allow management to create and sustain superior performance. Scher Group's proven processes ensure you'll have an edge on the selection, development, and performance improvement transformation of your people into star performers.
Scher Group solutions validate:
The understanding of blended learning programs.
The underlying root causes of organizational dysfunction caused by change.
The impact of consistent work habits centered on access to up-to-date company policies and procedures.
  Facilitating a change in performance improvement can assume many forms; however, performance improvement experts agree that shifting the focus from process management to motivating individuals to achieve higher results derives lasting results. Scher Group's technology solutions assure lasting change by removing the burden of overseeing change from managers, allowing them to become coaches and mentors.
The result of Scher Group's technology solutions include:
Higher organizational improvement by simplifying the management of blended learning solutions.
Increased individual improvement by providing imaginative motivation solutions.
Highly scalable solutions that drive the cost of providing knowledge-based programs to companies of all sizes and needs.
  It's been proven that companies who invest in their people are rewarded by higher profits, and they are doing this through the many tools provided by Scher Group. Fortune 500 clients are benefiting from Scher Group's onsite and sophisticated online blended solutions to help improve performance and consistency across their organizations. And now Scher Group even has versions available that make economic sense for companies of all sizes to be rewarded by these benefits:
Reduced turnover: 67% of people who leave jobs in the first year quit due to lack of training.
Higher productivity: 50% of people don't know why they do their jobs.
Increased morale: 75% of all lost time claims are due to workplace stress.
Higher profits: 45% productivity gains when knowledge gaps are reduced.
Management Team

Robert Scher, President
Rob Scher has served as President of Scher Group since he founded the Performance Improvement Company in 1994, leveraging over 20 years of entrepreneurial experience. Rob has broadened the products and customer base by developing elearning products, organizational assessments, workplace compliance products, and other tools used by government and business. Recently, Scher Group has formed alliances with several B2B publishers to launch collaborative Knowledge communities (CKC). These vertical communities are a one stop resource for business and career development. Rob's direction for the company is focused on partnering with clients to help organizations improve their performance and consistency through effective training and leading edge technology. Rob has a Bachelor of Business Administration from Northwood University. Under Rob's leadership, Scher Group has realized consistent growth and has been recognized as a Weatherhead 100 Outstanding Growth Company.
Rob is a recognized speaker and expert in the field of e-learning and performance improvement. Rob has presented at such events including Realcomm's International Commercial Real Estate Conference, ACTIF's national auto rental conference, American Business Media's Top Management Meeting and University of the Aftermarket as a keynote speaker.

Jan Benroth, Chief Financial Officer & Director of Administration
Accounting, administration and human resources departments report to Jan. He is responsible for not only overseeing the day to day financial and staffing obligations, but Scher Group's financial forecasting as well.
Jan joined Scher Group in 1995 with more than 20 years of experience as a corporate controller and chief financial officer for several Fortune 500 companies. In addition, he has a myriad of experience working in finance outside of the corporate umbrella, previously, as an entrepreneur of a financial consulting firm. His experience also extends to education, serving as an accounting and business administration instructor at the secondary level. He has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Bluffton College and a Masters of Business Administration in accounting from Cleveland State University.

Jennifer H. Waldeck, Ph.D.
Jennifer is director of Curriculum Development for Scher Group, a Cleveland-based performance improvement consulting firm. Waldeck earned her M.A. in instructional communication from California State University, Long Beach, and her Ph.D. in Organizational Communication from the University of California, Santa Barbara. Before joining Scher Group, she served as Professor of Communication Studies and Director of the Graduate Teaching Assistant program at the University of Kansas. Dr. Waldeck has conducted and published numerous research studies on human learning, and has been involved in continuing education initiatives throughout her career. The recipient of numerous teaching awards, she has a dynamic and engaging classroom style whether in front of 5 or 500 learners.

Michael Seligman, National Sales Director
As National Sales Director for Scher Group, Michael is responsible for managing and directing all daily sales operations, functions, personnel and programs. This includes all customer relationships, sales force development and coaching to ensure sales growth. Michael provides over two decades of sales and marketing experience to our staff and partners.

Before joining Scher Group, he was the Vice President of Sales for Skyline Trade Show Marketing. In addition, he previously held the position of District Retail Trainer for Hallmark Cards, in both Kansas City, MO, and Long Island, New York. Michael has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration.

Andrew Hallock, Chief Architect
Mr. Hallock earned his Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from the State University of New York Institute of Technology. Prior to joining the Scher Group, he worked as a software developer for EIS Creative Media in Akron, OH.

Mr. Hallock is also a contributor to several open-source software projects in the .NET community, which encourages shorter development cycles and easily testable software. With those tools and methodologies, he is building next generation features onto